My name is Wouter-Jens Greveling and I make my living with
graphic design and UX/UI Design.

When Penguins Fly is the name that I'm working under as freelancer. I currently live in Tiel in the Netherlands, where I try to work on everything design related. Although what really makes my heart pump faster is UX & UI design. Let's create something together and set those penguins free!

More about me

Graphic design

Wether it's a product that needs a new label or a business card that needs a fresh design. I can give all of your offline media a new look and feel.


From icons and logo's to colorfull imagery, I can create it al with an eye for detail. Programs like Illustrator and Sketch hide no secrets from me.

UX Design

While placing the user at the center of the design proces, I make sure that I get the most out of improving the usability and interaction between a user and a product.

UI Design

Starting with wireframes I can lay out the structure of your new digital media. I'll give it a fitting design with a solid foundation underneath.

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